Alloy 20 Piping Can Meet Your Construction Needs


When it comes to piping, high-level durability and corrosion resistance are two of the most important qualities to look for. While there are a number of piping options available to choose from, few can meet these needs like alloy 20 piping. Unfortunately, even given its many benefits, this material is often restricted to a handful of industries, such as paper and pulp mills. However, it can be just as beneficial to those who operate in the construction industry.

What is Alloy 20 Piping?

Alloy 20 piping is a material designed from nickel alloy and stainless steel. Nickel is an alloy material that naturally resists acid breakdown. Nickel is also favorable because it can be used in either extremely high or low temperatures without fear of deterioration.

The other part of this material is stainless steel, a material made from chromium and iron. Separately, these materials are highly durable, but combined they are about as powerful as a fortress. Once the mixture has been created it is heated and melted into piping materials of various widths, lengths and thickness.

Corrosion Resistance

The fact that alloy 20 piping is resistant to corrosion also makes it a favorable option for those in the construction industry. In order to ensure that a building has running water, it takes a system of pipes that must run both above and under the ground. In terms of underground piping, some of the minerals and acids naturally found in the ground can eat away at a pipe and cause corrosion.

Corrosion leads to costly water leaks and lower water pressure. This piping material is designed to be able to withstand contact with these minerals and acids without the fear of corrosion.


In the world of construction, strong and durable components are the foundation of any solid building. It's important that you use building components that are well-fortified if you want to complete the project correctly and safely.

While often used as a piping system to transport chemicals and other liquids, this piping is also strong enough to be used for load bearing purposes for both commercial and residential projects alike. Additionally, since it can be designed as a hollow or solid piece of pipe, it can also be used to run wires and other components throughout the structure of the building.

When it comes to alloy 20 piping, it's a good idea to think outside the box. If you're a construction professional, this material can afford a number of conveniences. Contact local distributors, such as James Duva Inc.


20 March 2015

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