Upcycling Trends: Four Unique Uses For Dumpsters


If you think that dumpsters are just for trash, think again. People all across the world are using their imagination—and some ingenuity—to completely transform and upcycle dumpsters of all sizes. It may sound strange, but as the phrase goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

If you are interested in upcycling a dumpster in your neighborhood, gain some inspiration from these four ideas:

1. Propeller Boat

Although a large dumpster may be a bit cumbersome, with a bit of planning it can easily become a boat. Just envision it, a square boat that is large enough to hold three or four people with ease. Although this isn't a project for everyone, it can be done.

Just lop off the top and one corner of the dumpster, attach and propeller motor, and you're done. For more comfort, you can add some water-safe furnishings.

2. Bench and Garden Combo

If you need a new seating space for your backyard, don't rule out a dumpster. With careful planning and a bit of hard work, you can transform a clunky dumpster into a beautiful seating area—complete with a garden.

This project is hard, so it is not recommended for do-it-yourselfers. However, many cities are doing this—and hopefully it's a trend that will continue across the U.S.

3. Dumpster Vehicle

Creatives have been creating vehicles out of nearly everything. For decades, there have been unusual cars of all types emerging. One that has gained the attention of hundreds is the dumpster vehicle.

The dumpster is carefully cut into shape and the inner workings of a vehicle is in installed. Just add some wheels, and you're done. If you want the comforts of a standard vehicle, add some windows and a convertible roof and you will have a car that no one else has—at least on your block.

4. Living Spaces

With the small living trend gaining movement, it's not really surprising to see people transforming dumpsters into various living spaces. Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and even swimming pools have been made from the trash of others.

With a tarp, some water-proof sealant, and water you have yourself a pool. Cover the top with a game board, such as a ping pong table, you have a gaming space. Fill with comfortable beds or couches, and you have yourself a living space.

Although it may seem odd to use such an unusual thing in your day-to-day life, it is possible. With a little imagination and diligence, you can transform any large dumpster into something desirable. For rest, a dumpster rental may be reserved solely for construction work. To learn more, contact a company like TCM Sweeping and Disposal.


20 March 2015

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