How To Prevent Damage From Industrial Hose Failure


Over a long enough period of time, industrial uses for hoses will often wear them out. If this happens at the wrong time, it can cost thousands of dollars in damage and even threaten an entire operation. Here are a few preventative measures you can take to keep this hose from failing in your industrial factory beforehand.

Smart Hoses

There are some industrial hoses out there, such as smart hydraulic hoses, that can actually monitor the health of the hose in real time. Hoses with this technology have ID tags in them to identify individual hoses.

The monitoring device in the hose can also gauge how much time the hose has left. The diagnostic tool in the hose can help alert you to when you may need to give the hoses a break, which can extend the life of the hose by as much as 50%.

The diagnostic information includes real-time reports on what the pressure is at in various different parts of the hose, how hot the hose parts are, and so on. It can even estimate how much time the hose has left overall.

This way, you can replace hoses before they fail, which will help you avoid any potential damage to the surrounding industrial systems that could occur as a result of the hose failing at a critical time. The other advantage here is that you might be able to go longer without needing a physical inspection.

This will also cut down on hoses failing so much due to human error when it comes to properly noticing when a hose is failing. Relying on the computer itself is often more accurate. Companies will be able to save a lot of money on clean up and inspection as well. This helps reduce damage from failing hoses due to companies trying to cut corners by not checking the hoses enough.

Stainless Steel Hoses

Another way to help prevent trouble from failing hoses is to switch to a hose type that is more durable, such as stainless steel. This product tends to be better than copper, for example, because it's stronger and more flexible.

Stainless steel will also not tend to rust at all, or suffer from corrosion or lose any of its color. Stainless steel also tends to be better for increased water flow than something like rubber or plastic. The right stainless steel hoses can keep the bend that you want without losing it over time as well. To find out more, speak with a company like Liberty Hose & Supply Inc.


31 March 2015

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