Steel: A Timeless Value


In the 17th century, steel began to be used as a material more frequently. In the 19th century, more efficient production methods helped steel become cost effective. Today, steel's quality and production process is improving more rapidly than ever. It is one of the most crucial materials in all of the world and it sits at the crux of large industries such as construction, transportation, and automobiles. Many people view steel as the chief economic indicator for progress within any given country.

Composition & Application

Steel is a combination of carbon and iron. This powerful alloy can be produced in a variety of different forms depending on the ratios used in the process. Steel is known for its longevity, strength, and resistance to temperature. This makes it ideal as a structural centerpiece for any large building or object. That is why so many skyscrapers, bridges, and machines are made with structural steel. Even wood and concrete can be used alongside steel to achieve desirable results. Because there are such large stakes involved with constructions such as these, the steel industry is regulated with safety standards. This includes size, storage, and shape specifications.


The most common types of structural steel are the well-known I-beam, the angle, and the tee. Rods, bars, and plates are also used in a wide variety of steel applications. Often times, these steel creations are compared to concrete. While concrete is less expensive than most steel, it doesn't have as high of a strength to weight ratio as structural steel.


The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) is an institute that advocates steel as the prime material for construction in the United States. It is not-for-profit, though it is a trade association as well. Its community is thriving and involved with global affairs.

Steel has come a long way since the 17th century. It used to be more expensive, less structurally sound, and less well-known. Now, any educated citizen knows of steel and its various applications in everyday life. From smartphones, to radio towers, to cars, to homes and office buildings, steel helps every part of modern society by providing the structure behind every major technology project. As the world constantly evolves, it appears that few things are constant. One thing that is, however, is the power of structural steel and its important role in finance, commerce, and developing economies around the word. Steel truly is a timeless value for all. For more information on this classic product, talk to companies like Garelick Steel.


21 May 2015

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