3 Important Considerations For Your Compressor Seals


When it comes to compressor seals, there are a lot of different types used in industrial equipment and supplies, including bronze seals and aluminum seals. Because of the importance of these components, you will need to be sure that you understand some important tips for getting the most out of these parts. With that in mind, read this guide and use the tips outlined accordingly, to give you the opportunity to get the ideal efficiency and performance out of your compressors. 

#1: Know The Differences Between Types Of Seals Available To You

If you need to take good care of your compressor seal, it is vitally important that you understand what type of seal that you are working with. The two major types of seals that people utilize within their industrial practices are dry seals and wet seals. A dry seal uses mechanically created forces to operate, while wet seals use oil and other types of lubrication to create these processes. Prior to taking care of your compressor seal, you will need to understand which type your compressor uses, so that you can provide the most useful type of maintenance. 

#2: Consider The Merits Of A System Upgrade

Upgrading your system to a dry gas seal has a number of benefits that can help your processes. For instance, dry gas seals provide the most reliable service of every seal type, because it has a much greater lifespan and doesn't have the excess water issues that can wear your system down over the years. You'll also benefit from an upgrade because it is cleaner and greener, allowing you to be a good steward of the environment. Further, both your operational costs and the costs to maintain your system will be less expensive, keeping more money in your account throughout the years. 

#3: Take Advantage Of Professional System Maintenance

Since so much of your business relies upon the use of compressor seals, you need to be sure that you hire the service of a professional who can give you ongoing maintenance. They will put you on a schedule that will look after each and every part of your compressor, in addition to protecting and reinforcing the seal. By having the helping hand of a professional, you'll have the help and service needed to keep your system at its peak, while reducing the costs and avoiding drastic repairs. 

Follow these techniques and use them to take great care of your compressor seals. 


24 June 2015

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