Top Questions About Making A Change To Aluminum Compressed Air Piping Systems


If you are the owner of an industrial or manufacturing business, compressed air that you have flowing through some areas of your building is vital to daily operations. While traditionally metals of copper and even steel have usually been used in these systems, a lot of modern business owners are making a change to aluminum compressed air piping systemsIf this is a change you are considering because it has been recommended to you by an engineer, it is likely that you have a few questions. Here are a few of the most common questions regarding aluminum materials used in compressed air systems:

What are some of the benefits of aluminum piping systems?

Aluminum piping systems are an excellent choice because they do not corrode over time, either internally or externally. Therefore, your compressed air system will not be left vulnerable to costly pressure leaks in the long run. Unlike steel, aluminum is not threaded together with lubricated oils, so you get cleaner air pushing through the more solid pipelines. One additional benefit is that aluminum can be easily modified if you have to make changes to your compressed air delivery system later on. 

If aluminum is a good change, why are so many businesses still using other materials?

When it is first recommended to you that you switch over your current system to an aluminum-based design, you may question the necessity of the change simply because the practice of using other materials is still common. The basic fact is, a lot of contractors are more familiar with iron, copper, and steel than aluminum. Plus, aluminum is a little more difficult to install without the appropriate level of experience because joints are not just mounted together but welded or soldered instead. 

Is it true that aluminum can be less expensive to install?

It is true that aluminum compressed air piping systems can be less expensive to have installed. This is because aluminum can be manipulated much easier than steel or iron. It can be heated to bend and form and will not require the use of as many joint and elbow pieces for bends and turns. Additionally, aluminum is lighter weight and easier to work with for a contractor who has experience, which can also help bring down installation costs. 

When you know a little more about aluminum materials in compressed air piping applications, it is easy to see why many business owners and contractors consider this a better solution. If you would like to know more, talk to your chosen installation contractor for more information and advice. 


13 August 2015

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