Important Information About Safety Steps For Cooling Towers During The Winter


If you live in an area that is prone to long, cold winters and there are cooling towers nearby, the safety of those towers may be a concern for you. Fortunately, you are not the first person with a similar concern and as a result, there are steps and treatments that must be taken with cooling towers during periods of extreme cold. Since a frozen tower could result in structural damage to the immediate area, worker injuries and the loss of jobs for many, treating cooling towers appropriately during winter is crucial.

#1 Did You Know That-Smaller Towers May Actually Shut Down During Cold Months?

It is often surprising to discover that some smaller towers are likely to cease all normal operations during the winter. During that time period, several steps are implemented. After shutting down, much of the water that is used for cooling purposes will be drained. At that time, the units will be winterized.

Winterizing a cooling tower is done by verifying that the water left in any basins will not freeze, so heating methods like the use of a sump or coils for heating are common. Next, outdoor water lines are evaluated for their overall condition and then insulated. In addition, moving parts will be evaluated and lubricated as needed, and similarly examining each component of the tower will take place. 

#2-What Happens To The Larger Towers That Continue To Function During The Winter?

One important step that is a part of winter operations at a functioning cooling tower relates to the temperature of the water when it leaves the facility. Specifically, it needs to be kept above freezing, and maintaining it at 40 degrees Fahrenheit is not unusual.

However, it is also necessary to consider how water is maintained at a safe and usable temperature before it expelled from the facility. In this instance, a riser releases heated water into the standing water, which makes the water consistently safer to use.

Although ice may form in the tank, the continued infusion of heated water, including steam, prevents large clumps from forming. It will also break apart the small pieces of ice as they form, thus making the risk and expense associated with a total freeze even less likely.

In conclusion, it is not unusual to be concerned about the safety of nearby cooling towers during periods of extreme cold weather. The good news is that many people before you have had similar worries. As a result, you will be safe at home without the possibility of a major malfunction of a nearby tower that could impact the area in which you live.


17 February 2016

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