Plumbing Leaks: 3 Simple Tips To Stop And Prevent Them


Plumbing leaks can be an expensive problem to have, causing damage to floorboards, furniture and walls. Leaks can also make your home damp, necessitating costly mold cleanup and making your home cold and smelly. Fortunately, the following preventive measures and moderate investments could help you prevent the inconveniences caused by leaks in your plumbing.

Install shut-off valves

If you have a water heater, dishwasher, washing machine or other appliance that could be vulnerable to leaks, you can prevent water damage to surrounding property by fitting it with a shut-off valve at the main water inlet. Quarter-turn or ball-type shut-off valves can be installed at an individual appliance or fixture so as to allow for water to be quickly turned off in case a leak occurs. This can prevent water from flowing to other rooms while allowing you to make site-specific repairs.

For other plumbing leaks, you can prevent a disaster by locating your main shut-off valve so as to cut off water supply to your entire home until repairs can be made. A whole-house flow sensor that detects leaks in your plumbing and automatically shuts off the main water supply can also be a good investment for stopping leaks, especially those that are tough to spot.

Plan for cold weather

A cheap way to prevent leaks in your plumbing during winter is to insulate pipes in cold parts of the house such as the basement and garage.  This will not only prevent your pipes from freezing and cracking, but will also significantly shorten the wait for hot water.

You should also ensure that you drain hoses in outdoor taps or entirely remove them so as to prevent leftover water from freezing and damaging the piping. Frost-free hose bibs can then be installed at exterior spouts to prevent serious leaks or even flooding during winter.

Take care of your pipes

Bad habits such as using exposed pipes as hanger rods for laundry could loosen pipe joints and fasteners, causing serious leaks. You should also avoid overloading sink cabinets, as this could easily jostle water supply pipes installed behind them, causing loose joints that could result in drips.

Finally, make it a habit to occasionally scout your home for plumbing leaks. Even a small trickle can cause your plumbing to corrode more quickly, resulting in more serious leaks or even flooding.  Calling in a plumber to repair leaks early on can prevent such extensive damage to your pipes and save your home from serious water damage and mold infestation. To learn more, contact a company like Barstow Industrial Supply


17 February 2016

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