Low Water Pressure And How To Fix It


When your water pressure is bad, a simple shower can turn into a less than pleasant experience. Without enough water pressure, it can be hard to wash suds from your hair or, in extreme cases, even to get adequate water to bathe or do the washing. There are all kinds of reasons that low water pressure can occur, but fortunately, more often than not, the reasons for reduced water pressure are simple and can be fixed with some basic troubleshooting. Below, you'll find some simple troubleshooting tips to try, but, if those don't work, then be sure to call a professional. You may need a water booster or other professional service or maintenance, and the sooner you take care of the problem, the better.

Your Water Meter Isn't Set Correctly

While it may be simple, you won't believe the number of times that poor water pressure is actually due to an improperly set water meter. Find your water meter and make sure it's, first of all, turned on, and second of all, turned up high enough.

Meters often get adjusted or moved during maintenance, or they could simply have been bumped or moved by accident. Whatever the case, if your meter isn't set properly, it could result in low water pressure, but the good news is that you can establish correct water pressure just by setting your meter correctly, which is typically just a matter of pushing a button a few times or moving a dial.

You've Got Clogged Pipes

Another common reason for poor water pressure is if you have clogged pipes. When a pipe is clogged, water has to attempt to move around the clog, and not all of it will get through, and the water that does get through will be slowed down, leading to poor water pressure. If you think a clogged pipe could be the cause of your water pressure woes, locate the pipe valves and make sure they are turned on fully. You can also try using a store-bought pipe cleaner to try and clear up the problem.

If none of this works, then you will likely need to have a professional come out and clean your pipes to get things flowing smoothly once again.

You've Got a Dirty Aerator

Another common reason for poor water pressure is if your aerator, located near the end of your faucet, has gotten dirty and clogged and is keeping water from flowing as it should. You can simply remove the aerator, rinse off any visible dirt, and then replace it to see if that fixes the problem.

If this fix or any of the other "quick fixes" here don't work as they should, then it's time to call in the pros, like those at the Drain Store, and get your problem fixed for good!


20 July 2016

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