Make Sure You Have the Right Hose for the Job


While you may be aware that some hoses are stronger than others, you may not know that there are a number of specialty hoses. These hoses are made with materials and in ways that allow them to work with materials that may damage normal hoses. If you are using a hose to move anything but water, you should find out whether there is a hose available for the type of liquid you are using. Here are just a few specialty hoses you may need.

Fiberglass-Stem Hose

This hose is used when the contents you will be spraying or spreading will be under pressure. It allows you to direct the spray and adjust the flow without having the pressure cause the hose to bulge or burst. It is also used in situations where nonconductive materials are needed to avoid having electricity pass along the hose.

Hot-Tar Hose

If you are going to be working with hot tar or asphalt, you need a hot-tar hose. These hoses are made of a high-grade nitrile rubber reinforced with a polyester tire cord containing a helix wire and then covered with an abrasion-resistant nitrile. A hot-tar hose is designed not only to handle the heat of hot tar but also to resist cracking or leaking. These hoses are very flexible and will last a long time.

Chemical Hoses

If you will be handling acids or other chemicals, you need to be sure that the hoses will not be eaten or corroded. Look for Hypalon, pure gum, or E.P.D.M. hoses. These hoses will resist the effects of harsh chemicals and yet are flexible enough to be moved or bent without cracking or breaking. Be sure to check the temperature range on each type of hose and know what the conditions will be where you will be working. Some chemicals may react in different temperatures, causing trouble if the reaction makes the chemical hotter or colder than what the hose is rated for.

Having the right hose from the start will save you from having to constantly buy new ones. It can also save anyone handling the hose from serious injuries if the hose should fail and the contents leak out. If the substance you are dispersing is toxic, having the right hose will save the environment. This can also save you from any fines for causing a harmful waste spill that kills wildlife or vegetation and possibly contaminates the ground water.

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11 January 2017

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