Benefits Of A Handheld Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


Some time ago, manufacturing and packaging companies started putting barcodes on all their products to identify them. These codes contain information used by retailers all over the world. Cash registers scan the codes to get the prices so cashiers do not make mistakes and mischarge people. In addition, you can use barcode readers to keep track of your inventory. If you want to make things easier on everyone involved, have a few handheld Bluetooth barcode scanners available for your workers. Here are just a few advantages they will notice.

Scan Anywhere

A Bluetooth barcode scanner can be used anywhere you have WiFi enabled. There is no need to cart around a base for the scanner. In addition, your employees can use the scanner to read hard-to-reach barcodes. This is especially handy when doing inventory as some products may be high up on a shelf. 

Instant Access to Information

With a barcode scanner, you have instant access to all the information contained in the barcode. In addition to the cost and selling price of the object, you can find out its size and proper name. You can also find out how many of that item are in the store and available for sale and where they are located in the store. If the code is the newer 2-D code, you can find out even more about the item. 


When you can instantly see how many of an item is in your inventory, your employees will not over-order product. Keeping too much inventory on hand can destroy a budget. Of course, when you know how many of an item you have, it is much easier to determine how many were sold since the last shipment and how many you need for the next order to be sure you do not run out. Proper inventory is crucial to maintaining a budget and good cash flow.

Incoming Inventory

When a supplier shows up at your establishment with a truckload of product, you need to go through everything and make sure the invoice is correct. A handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner is a great help with this. You can simply reach into a stack, pallet, or box and use the scanner to read each item. Once you have gone through everything, the scanner can connect to a printer to print out a copy of everything received. If there is a discrepancy with the supplier's invoice, having the scanner report will ensure you only pay for what you received.


18 October 2019

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