Automatic Girth Welders Make Constructing Large Tanks Easier


Large tanks are necessary for a lot of reasons. For example, a large water tank can provide supplemental water for communities. A large oil tank can store the oil that needs to be refined or has already been refined. But building those tanks isn't as easy as it could be. That's because those tanks need to have large seams that need to be sealed that run along the equator of the tank. Doing the welds along that seal can be difficult, and depending on the size of the tank or anything else similar, it can take quite a long time to get done correctly. There are automatic girth welders that can do the job.

Automatic Girth Welders

These are welding machines. In order to be used, the machines get set so that they are at the right height, which lets the electrodes come into contact with the seam properly. Once that happens, the machine takes over all the work. The machines often have wheels or another mechanism that will let it creep along the circumference of the tank as the seam has been welded. There are a lot of reasons to have an automatic girth welder do the job of welding these seams.

Saves Time

One reason is that having the automatic welders will save time in getting the job done. That's because the machine is going to do all that work, which will let your employees work on a different job, one which needs to have a human do it or one that is too small for a machine to get to. The machine also saves time because it can run 24/7, as long as it is properly stocked with all the electrodes, gas, and flux that it may need to have to get the job done. 

Seamless Weld

Another reason to use an automatic girth welder is that the weld won't have any kind of seam in it. Since the machine can run 24/7, without having to take a break, there are no start/stop seams, which makes it easier to make sure that the seam is watertight, or even airtight. Any start/stop seams like that can jeopardize that particular feature.

Large tanks get used for storage, on ships, in trains, or even in nuclear plants. It's important that they are sealed correctly and all the joins are done evenly. An automatic girth welding machine can make that happen easily and safely.


7 November 2019

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