Key Features to Get in Tool and Cutter Grinders for Milling Cutter Sharpening


To sharpen a milling cutter after it becomes too dull, you can use a tool and cutter grinder. It will restore all of your milling cutters in a convenient manner, especially if you get one with a couple of key features.

Large Grinding Zone

You would benefit greatly to have a tool and cutter grinder that's pretty compact as it won't take up a lot of space around your workshop, but you still need a large grinding zone. Then you'll have more space to complete various sharpening tasks on milling cutters. 

Even if your milling cutters are substantial in size, having a large grinding zone gives you fewer restrictions to worry about. Instead, you'll just be focused on sharpening the milling cutter in an optimal way -- whether you're taking advantage of automatic or manual grinding activities.

Swivel Vice

The component that will be holding your milling cutters in place when being sharpened is known as the vice. If you want to get more sharpening capabilities out of this grinder machine, then make sure you end up with a swivel vice in particular.

It lets you adjust the workpiece to different angles, depending on the characteristics of your milling cutter and the type of sharpening you're trying to perform. Whereas if you just had a stationary vice to work with, that limits what you can do with a tool and cutter grinder.

Auto-Lube Grease System

When you sharpen any type of miller cutter, the activity is going to naturally heat up the tool and cutter grinder. You thus need to take every precaution necessary to keep the grinder cool so that it's able to sharpen milling cutters optimally for years. It will be easier to keep the grinder cool and working great if you get a model with an auto-lube grease system.

It automatically releases grease to keep this grinder fully lubricated throughout sharpening activities. You don't have to worry about the right quantity of grease being applied either because manufacturers have dialed this in. You'll just need to verify it's working optimally and fill the system up with more grease when it runs low.

One of the most effective ways you can sharpen milling cutters is to use a tool and cutter grinding machine. It's specifically designed for this type of sharpening. Just try to refine your search to models that have key attributes because then, you'll get the most out of said sharpening equipment. 

Contact a company like Cutter Masters to learn more about tool and cutter grinders. 


2 February 2022

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