Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About LED Lighting When Choosing Commercial Lighting Supplies


Choosing LED lights for commercial facilities is often ideal because LED lights offer advantages like high levels of efficiency and long lifespans. However, some business owners are disinclined to choose LED lights for their commercial lighting supplies because of misinformation.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about LED lighting when choosing commercial lighting supplies. 

You won't be able to light your facility brightly enough with LED lights

Some people assume that LED lights are less bright than incandescent bulbs since they are known for being more energy efficient. However, a well-designed commercial lighting system can offer LED lighting that's just as bright as the lighting offered by a system using incandescent bulbs. 

LED lights are too expensive to be cost-effective for your company

LED bulbs might be more expensive upfront. However, LED bulbs pay for themselves numerous times over in the utility savings they offer when compared with the utility costs that typically go along with the use of incandescent bulbs. 

LED lights are likely to overheat

LED lights are far less likely to overheat than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs tend to be more efficient because they waste less energy on heat production than incandescent bulbs do.

Not only does the excess heat produced by incandescent bulbs waste energy, but it can even create fire hazards in certain situations. This makes LED light bulbs both more efficient and safer. 

It's hard to adjust LED lights to offer just the right amount of illumination

Some people assume that LED lights can't typically be hooked up to a dimmer or manipulated so that they offer changeable lighting. However, LED bulbs can in fact be hooked up to a dimmer. It's also possible to control the amount of light that an LED bulb gives off through the use of a driver that offers power control. 

LED lights can't stand up to tough work environments

Some people think that LED bulbs cannot be used in environments that are subject to exposure to substances like oil and dust. Others assume that LED bulbs can easily be damaged by vibrations or water exposure.

Fortunately, there are commercial lighting fixtures available that can stand up to tough work environments while also being compatible with LED bulbs. 

You'll have to replace the lighting fixtures at your commercial facility if you want to switch to LED lights

Business owners don't have to invest in new lighting fixtures if they want to change their commercial lighting fixtures from incandescent to LED bulb use.

LED bulbs can typically be used in the same fixtures that use incandescent bulbs. This means that it doesn't cost business owners anything more than the cost of the bulbs themselves to make the switch. 

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30 November 2022

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